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Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed: A Comprehensive Guide

Just like humans, the importance of a good night's sleep for your dog cannot be overstated. On average, dogs need around 12 hours per day of sleep to feel adequately rested and energised. Not only this, but quality sleep is also needed to boost the immune system and overall health of your canine companion. 

Therefore, it's essential to provide your dog with the best possible sleeping environment, starting with suitable dog beds. Plenty of dog beds are available on the market, and choosing the right bed is like finding a needle in a haystack. But worry no more!

This article is your ultimate guide on choosing the perfect dog beds for your pup so they can have a comfy sleep. Let's begin!

1. Why the Right Dog Bed Matters?

Here are some benefits of dog beds that help you understand their benefits:

Support Joints
Dogs often fall victim to joint issues like arthritis, hip dysplasia, etc. This can be quite painful and also impacts the ability of your pooch to move comfortably. That's where dog beds come as saviours! 

Luxury dog beds provide proper cushioning to the dog's joints and promote the alignment of bones. They are particularly helpful for aging dogs or species prone to joint problems, ensuring smooth mobility.  

Protects Dog Spine
Sleeping on a hard or uneven surface can cause back issues in your dog. So another reason to invest in dog beds is their ability to protect your pup against spinal and back pain. 

It's because dog beds are often padded, distributing your pet's weight evenly and reducing pressure on the spine. Hence, your canine friend can rest as long as they want without straining their back, ultimately leading to a healthier lifestyle. 

Make them Feel Warm
Do you know the freezing winters aren't only uncomfortable for you but also impact your dog? Well, it's true! Dogs can feel the cold like humans, especially the breeds with short furs or suffering from old age. 

Simple or elevated dog beds are a solution to this issue! These beds are insulated, which helps retain your dog's body heat. Your pooch feels warm and comfy, away from the worries of hypothermia and frostbite.

2. Understanding Your Dog's Needs

When going out to find the best dog beds for your canine fellow, it's important to analyse and understand their needs carefully. Some common things you should consider are:

Size and Space
Imagine your dog sleeping on a bed with its pawns on the floor, or suppose you have a dog bed that's too large for your home, causing congestion. Sounds uncomfortable? Unfortunately, it is! Therefore, it's essential to have a bed that suits your dog's size and the available space in your home. 

For this, measure your dog's height when they are in a relaxed sleeping position. Also, check the layout of your home and where the bed will be placed. This will help you choose dog beds that aren't only comfy for your dog but also improve the aesthetics of your home. 

Sleeping Style
Another important thing to look at is your dog's sleeping style. Some pups love to curl up when sleeping, while others stretch out. 

It's advisable to choose an oval-shaped bed with raised edges for dogs that like to curl up. On the other hand, for dogs who stretch out, a rectangular bed offers ample space to sprawl comfortably. 

Age and Health
You must also consider the age and health of your pooch to find the best bed. Puppies may need a bed that can accommodate their growth needs and provide enough space for moving around. For instance, you can opt for a waterproof dog bed or chew resistant dog bed. However, aging or dogs with health issues require a bed with proper padding. Orthopaedic beds are usually preferred for them.

3. Types of Dog Beds Available

Doughnut Beds
These are the ones with raised edges and have a round doughnut-like shape that cocoons your pet in a warm centre. These beds are made from plush materials for dogs that like to snuggle up or curl when sleeping. 

Memory Foam Beds
If your dog is aging or suffering from health issues like back pain, spinal issues, etc., you should opt for an orthopaedic or memory foam dog bed. Featuring a layer of memory foam, these dog beds have a rectangular shape. Their primary goal is to alleviate pressure from your dog's joints and distribute their weight evenly to eliminate back pain issues.

4. Key Features to Look For While Choosing Dog Beds

Well, you can't just pick any bed and expect your pet to have a restful sleep; instead, you should choose dog beds that ensure your dog's comfort, health, and happiness. Here are key features to look for when selecting the perfect dog bed:

Material Quality
It doesn't matter how much emphasis we put on this; you should never ever overlook the material quality of your dog bed. Opt for superior materials, such as strong fabrics, durable foams, and reinforced stitching, for the comfort and safety of your pooch. Make sure you purchase a chew resistant dog bed that can retain its shape over time. 

The best option we have is the Brooklyn® Chew Resistant Luxe Lounger (2-in-1 Dog Bed). This dog bed has some excellent features, such as a Nylon Base for improved airflow and chew resistant technology that can easily accommodate your pup's needs. Removable covers ensure you can simply unzip and clean the bedding without any hassle. 

Ease of Cleaning
Dog beds can quickly accumulate dirt, fur, and odours, especially with regular use. Therefore, you should look for beds that are easy to clean, maintaining the hygiene of your furry friend. 

Consider features like removable covers so you don't have to clean the entire bed. Also, water-resistant and washable fabrics should be prioritised to avoid liquid seeping into the bed's filling and enjoy a smooth "how to wash a dog bed" process.  

Non-Slip Base
Lastly, opt for dog beds with non-slip bases, especially where tiles and hardwood floors are quite common. Why? Hardwood and tile floors can be slippery, posing a risk of accidents for dogs as they dig their beds or shift positions while sleeping. A dog bed with a non-slip base prevents such incidents and eradicates the chances of unwanted slipping, ensuring the bad stays in place. 

5. Choose Your Next Bed with The Brooklyn

We all know choosing the right bed for your pet is no easy feat. If you are also struggling with finding the ideal sleeping bed for your pet, consider The Brooklyn. We have a variety of dog beds with options ranging from Brooklyn® Deep Sleep Pet Bed to Brooklyn® Chew Resistant Luxe Lounger (2-in-1 Dog Bed) and many more. 

What sets us apart? Our dog bedding solutions are washable and water-resistant, so you can trust us to create a durable and hygienic sleeping environment for your pooch. 

Final Thoughts

There are many dog beds available on the market, such as orthopaedic and raised dog beds, finding the ideal option for your furry friend can be quite overwhelming. To make this journey easy, you should consider your pooch's needs, such as their age, health, sleeping style, and size. Once you've analysed everything, invest in a bed that offers maximum comfort and a long, good night's sleep to your pet.