Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate

Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate
Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate
Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate
Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate
Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate
Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate
Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate
Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate

Brooklyn® Pet Hydrate

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Imagine if your Dog Could Tell You How Thirsty they are.

Just like humans, 80% of a dogs body is made up of water, but unlike humans, they're more susceptible to dehydration and more reliant on water than us - making it the most important part of their diet.


  • 2-in-1 (Water & Treats)
  • No water wastage (can recycle back into the bottle).
  • Super lightweight, easy to carry on those longer walks.
  • Free Shipping Nationwide.

Can't I wait until I get home to give my dog water?

No, according to the (VMRCVM), while a dog can lose half of the protein in their body and still function, losing just a tenth of their water can lead to fatal dehydration.

This is why WebMD and highly recommend that you always "bring extra water when you’re travelling or exercising with your dog."

Keep your dog cool in the hottest moments. 

While humans sweat to cool down, in dogs sweat plays a very minor role, making water that much more important.

Water is essential to keeping a dog’s core temperature at the correct level, meaning having water for them while exercising (when their core temperature is at its highest) is essential.

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Drink & Snack

No Water Wastage

Frequently Asked Questions

Most definitely. Our Hydrate collection is made for all mouths alike.

Of course - whether you prefer to handwash or machine wash, each part can easily unscrew for seamless washing.

We use silica gel seals for complete leak-free experience.

Of course - our entire product range comes with a 30-day return period for all unused products.

Our typical delivery after dispatch is:

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1 - 6 days through CanadaPost
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2 - 10 days through CanadaPost
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Other Countries: 10 - 20 days

We invest more in our shipping than any of our competitors, for swift delivery. Meaning you will get your order sooner.

No, definitely not. We cover all shipping costs associated with your order.