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Our Sustainability Plan

For your pet today, and your child's pet tomorrow.

Imagine a world without tennis ball chases, walks along Kiwi beaches, or adventures to the park with your furry friend. We care deeply about the planet and believe in doing our part to preserve our natural places for the next generation.

  • Donating and Repurposing

    Returned your bed? Wasn’t the right size? We donate and repurpose our extra beds to the Saving Hope Foundation and Last Lamppost Dog Rescue to ensure a comfortable and safe home for all rescued pets.

  • Low Emission Shipping

    When transporting our goods, we aim to use transport options with low emissions where possible.

  • Local Warehousing

    Country by country, we’re opening up local warehouses to reduce the distance our products travel, while significantly reducing emissions at the same time.

  • Warehouse Recycling

    As you can imagine, we go through a LOT of cardboard boxes. But with strict recycling processes in place, we fill up two gigantic recycling bins, full of cardboard, ready to be recycled, each and every week.

  • Cardboard packaging

    Our Memory Foam range saw the release of Cardboard packaging. This removes the need for plastic mailer bags, in favour of reusable and recyclable materials.

  • Saving the trees by going digital

    With over 100,000+ orders picked, packed and shipped, the paperwork for these orders alone, would have consumed 20 full grown trees by now…

    Luckily we went digital right from the outset and only include what’s absolutely necessary. 19 trees saved in the process.


  • Honesty, Always -Sometimes we make mistakes, and when we do, we’re the first to own up to them. Our team embodies the principle of honesty no matter the circumstance.
  • Your Pet Matters - Your pet is not just an order number to us. Each and every order is treasured closely, and we try our best to ensure you feel our care for your pet. Occasionally we’ll get visits from your pets at our warehouse and it’s the highlight of our day!

While the above is great, there’s always more we can do, and in the effort of transparency,  we aren’t ready to throw up our hands and say ‘that’s all we’ve got’. These are the steps we are taking to continue our road to Zero.

Our Future Goals

  • Recyclable filling -We’re currently exploring options around recyclable fillings, to lower our carbon footprint even further. We’re determined to find a way where your pet’s comfort and saving the planet don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
  • More local warehouses - With the aim of reducing shipping times and our carbon footprint at the same time, we’re in the process of opening more local warehouses around the world, to reduce the trip some parcels take to reach our more remote customers.
  • Carbon offsetting - To give more than we take. We’re exploring options around carbon offsetting, and what our team can do to offset the carbon emissions from your order (at no extra cost to you).

This is just a snapshot of where we’re heading.

Want to do your part? Join us on the road to zero, with 3 simple lifestyle tricks you can start with tomorrow…

What you can do to help

  • Ditch the plastic poop bags

    Approximately, 500 million are used annually. Let’s change that. Opt for recyclable/compostable options.

  • Spot the rubbish

    On your daily walk, pick up any litter you see along the way. Perfect for when your dog is sniffing in the bush (instead of walking).

    Even if it’s just 1 bag of trash per week, imagine how much cleaner your community will be.

  • Donate and Repurpose

    Have a spare Brooklyn product you no longer use? We know 2 great charities and rescue operations who would love some new goodies.

    Get in touch, and we’ll find a home for it.