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How To Travel With A Dog In The Car

How To Travel With A Dog In The Car

Whether you’re planning an epic road trip with your pup, or simply tackling those daily trips to the grocery store or park, we have gathered all of the information you need to ensure your dog is safe and happy on their journey!

Preparing For The Journey With Your Dog

Before hitting the open road, let’s talk prep… the fun way!

The first step we recommend is to research dog friendly destinations along your route. Not to mention, it is also a good idea to find nearby veterinary clinics along your route, just in case of any unexpected situations. This thoughtful planning ensures a smooth and enjoyable adventure for both you and your pup.

Additionally, preparing your dog both physically and mentally is the secret sauce to an epic journey. Start off with quick trips and build up to those long adventures. Gradual acclimatisation is the key, and we have got a trick up our sleeve: a fun reward like a short walk or their favourite treat at the end of the journey will make it a positive and rewarding experience for your pup!

And of course, safety is everything… so buckle up your dog with a snug harness or crate to keep them secure in the car.

Lastly, remember to schedule frequent pit stops to allow for leg stretching and bathroom breaks for both you and your dog! Unlike us, dogs can’t let us know when they need to do their doggy business, so we suggest planning a break every 2-3 hours as a benchmark to keep your dog feeling happy and relaxed.


Doggy Travel Checklist

We have put together a convenient list of essential dog travel accessories so that packing is made easy!


1. Car Hammock, Harness or Dog Seat Belt

For short trips a dog seat belt is a super quick way to ensure safety first. For longer trips we recommend a car hammock for the perfect home- on the road! The Brooklyn Hammock is designed to protect your car from smells, scratches and dirt, as well as being 100% waterproof to stop those sneaky accidents.

We’re firm believers that the more mess and dirt, the more fun your dog is having! That’s why a car seat cover will be your trusty sidekick, keeping your car clean from the chaos.


2. Dog Bed

And of course, a must have car travel essential is a cosy dog bed. With a range of beds available, including our Deep Sleep Bed and our Ultra Foam Memory Bed. These comfortable resting spots are key to creating a dog friendly zone in your car.


3. Extra Throws and Covers

Extra blankets and throws are a great option for a long road trip. For nervous or excitable dogs, throws provide a calming space to lie down and smell the familiar scent of home.

Our Brooklyn Deep Sleep Throw is perfect for on the go, made with the same calming properties as our dog beds to provide a safe haven for your pup.


4. Travel Water Bowl 

Check out Brooklyn Pet Hydrate - the ultimate portable water bowl that does double duty for water and treats. It is a lightweight solution that ensures zero water wastage and helps your pet stay hydrated on every adventure.


5. Poop Bags

Equip yourself with a secret stash of poop bags to keep the journey fresh, clean and worry-free! We recommend a full roll as they are super lightweight and easy to pack.


 6. Leash

A leash gives your dog the freedom to explore safely during pit stops and road trips, as well as being a cute accessory for those insta snaps!


7. Favourite Treats

Treats are great for rewards for good behaviour or to provide comfort during the journey. Pack your dog’s favourite to keep them happy and motivated along the way!


8. Food Bowl

Make sure that your trusty dog food bowl is packed away with the rest of your travel essentials. It’s more than just a bowl to your pup- it’s a slice of home!

We recommend our Brooklyn Tuff Dog Bowl, built to hold more for those long journeys


9. Towels

When it comes to handling spills, splashes and unexpected dog mess, packing your own trusty towel is a must (and keeps the hotel’s fresh white linen spick and span!).


10. Fresh Water

As dog’s are more susceptible to dehydration, we recommend carrying at least two litres of fresh water with you on your journey, as well as a travel water bottle.


Top Tips For Travelling With Your Dog

  • In car comfort for your dog is key. Make your car a dog haven with a snug and comfy seat or harness car harness. Not only will your dog be riding in style- they will safely enjoy every bump in the road!
  • Feeding and hydration is essential for a road trip. Pack their favourite food and treats- it’s chow time! Don’t forget to pack a stash of water and a portable dog bowl for thirst quenching pit stops.
  • Dogs need entertainment and distraction just as much as we do! Long rides can get boring for everyone, so keep your dog entertained with their go-to toys and tasty treats. We recommend puzzle feeders and squeaky toys to keep their tail wagging throughout the drive.
  • Every dog has a unique personality and some may find being in the car quite a traumatic experience- especially if they think they’re heading to the dreaded vets! By giving your dog their comfort toy and talking calmly to them, it reminds them that they are safe with you and feel relaxed along the way. If your dog gets a bit queezy or anxious in the car- don’t fret! Symptoms of motion sickness to look out for include drooling more than usual, whining and licking lips. If you happen to notice these symptoms, a pit stop break to let your dog reset and hydrate can do the world of good. If symptoms persist over time, chat with your vet for some travel meds to help keep your dog feeling cool as a cucumber on the road.


The Brooklyn Has It All

The ultimate dog travel guide complete with the must have gear for your ultimate adventure. With The Brooklyn’s help every road trip will be an adventure worth barking about and your dog will travel in style so that everyday is a dog walk (Ha-ha). So pack your bags, get comfortable and enjoy the ride!