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Tips For Welcoming Your New Puppy Home

Tips For Welcoming Your New Puppy Home

Welcome to the world of puppy parenthood!

Imagine having that friend who’s been through the adorable chaos of getting a new puppy, got the T-shirt and understands the delightful madness- that’s us! At The Brooklyn we understand that the journey isn’t just about having a pet, it’s about adjusting to a new family member that comes with a lifelong bond of adventure.

In this guide we will walk you through the basic essentials, and insider knowledge, to ensure the welcome home experience is seamless for both you and your pup.

1. Preparing Your Home and Family For the Puppy

Picture this - your puppy will be like a mini explorer, roaming around every corner and sniffing out the place to get familiar with their new home! Before their arrival it is important to ‘puppy proof’ your surroundings, by securing electrical cords, tucking away potentially risky items and creating a safe space for your pup to roam free.

Beyond this, creating a cosy, safe sleeping space for your puppy to call their own is an important step to them settling in. The Brooklyn offers a wide range of cosy napping spots for your new pup to call their own.


2. Checklist for Picking Up Your Puppy

The big day has arrived! Can you tick off all the items on our new puppy checklist?

  • Crate or dog bed
  • Food and water bowls
  • Puppy food
  • Collar and tag (a legal requirement)
  • Lead and harness
  • Lots of toys
  • Puppy pads for toilet training
  • Poo bags
  • Blankets

Additionally, be sure to enquire about your puppy’s current diet, allowing you to maintain their routine whilst gradually introducing new foods. Have a dog bowl on hand prior to pick up for added convenience.


3. Safe and Comfortable Car Travel

For brief car rides with your new puppy, a dog seat belt is a super quick way to ensure safety first. For longer car trips we recommend a car hammock for a home on the road! The Brooklyn Hammock is designed to protect your car from chews, scratches and other puppy related mess- whilst also being 100% waterproof to to stop sneaky road trip accidents!

For more tips on a stress-free car ride check out our blog post on ‘How To Travel With A Dog In The Car’.


4. Introducing Your Puppy To Other Pets

In the world of dog interactions, much like in human interactions, first impressions matter! When introducing a new puppy to your pets at home, we recommend choosing a neutral setting, outside of the house, for the first meeting. This helps to reduce tension and territorial behaviour. Maintain a cheerful and positive tone of voice, and don’t forget to pack an abundance of dog treats to reward good behaviour.

Initially, we suggest keeping all pets on the leash when first stepping into the house, to observe the household dynamic. If the meeting unfolds smoothly, remove the leash and watch their relationship blossom!


5. Teaching Your Puppy their Name and Basic Commands

It’s time to start building a strong bond with your pup the fun way… through dog obedience training! Puppies are quick learners and can learn their name within 1-3 days. Start using their name from day one and incorporate positive reinforcements, like treats or their favourite toy, to reward good behaviour. Other basic commands such as ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘paw’ and ‘lie down’ can be taught as early as 8 weeks in.

We recommend practising one until your dog has mastered it before moving onto the next. Dogs can easily lose concentration so keep the training sessions short and sweet. We recommend 5-10 minute sessions 2-3 times a day. Be consistent and stay calm!

The Brooklyn recommends puppy proof toys and beds to ensure calm is kept during playtime and training sessions. Our Chew-Resistant Bed (Australia Only) ensures total relaxation whilst being built to withstand a puppy’s curiosity and excitement.


Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner, or a first time puppy parent, The Brooklyn is here to be your trusted companion on this heartwarming journey. Get ready for an abundance of love, joy and cuddles as you welcome a new pet into the family.

The adventure starts now!