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What Your Dog's Sleeping Position Means?

What Your Dog's Sleeping Position Means?

Ever wondered what’s going on in your pet’s mind whilst they’re peacefully snoozing away? A dog’s sleeping position can be the key to unlocking how they are feeling and some of their adorable underlying personality traits. Just like humans, our pets exhibit a range of personalities, from affectionate, to anxious, which can be uncovered through small sleeping habits.

At the Brooklyn, we have gathered together a cosy guide of the top eight most common doggy sleeping positions and their secret meanings.

So… ready, set, snooze!

1. The Big Spoon

Position: Resembling a big spoon, your pup will be laying on their side with their legs extended.

Meaning: They feel safe, comfortable and at a neutral temperature.

Personality: They’re trusting, loyal and have a preference for their own comfort spot- after all… who doesn’t love a good night's sleep in their own bed?


2. The Lion's Pose

Position: Like a lion, these pups are found sleeping with their head on top of their paws.

Meaning: Just like a lion ready to pounce, this position shows a state of rest with an ever-present readiness to play.

Personality: These small guard dogs have a protective and devoted nature. They are often found snoozing at your feet or by the door.


3. The Super-Dog

Position: Imagine your dog flying through the air like Superman, belly pressed to the floor, back legs trailing behind them, and front legs stretched forward. Because let's face it, dog’s wear capes too!

Meaning: This pose indicates a slight fatigue, yet a willingness to play at any given moment.

Personality: Extremely playful and energetic- these pups often play until they drop!


4. The Bagel

Position: Curled up in a ball with their legs tucked in.

Meaning: These pups want to preserve body heat and protect themselves.

Personality: Whilst inherently caring, dogs in this pose may have a touch of anxiety, particularly in new home environments. The curled up stance reflects their need for protection and comfort.


 5. The Cuddler

Position: Envision these pups as the relationship type- always cuddled up to you or another pet!

Meaning: When your pup assumes this position, it is a clear indication that they are craving closeness to you or other animals.

Personality: These pups are extremely loving and affectionate.


6. The Disappearer

Position: Can’t locate your pup? Chances are, they’ve snuggled up under your clothes, pillows or blankets!

Meaning: These pups are searching for protection and security.

Personality: In their quest for security, they feel safer hiding under things. These pups are affectionate but needy.


7. The Upside Down

Position: Picture this- play dead! Your pup will be laying on their back with their belly and legs gracefully in the air.

Meaning: As uncomfortable as this position may look, it is a sign of true relaxation. They fully trust you and feel safe in their environment.

Personality: They are the epitome of easy going. They are extremely trusting and loving. These pups will take a snooze anytime, anywhere- showing their extremely trusting and loving nature.


8. The Chill-Out

Position: Picture that refreshing sensation after a long day in the sun, where all you crave is a cool bed and a bag of chips. Well, dogs experience a similar desire! You’ll find your pup sprawled across a cool surface with their belly up in the air.

Meaning: Your pup is feeling overheated and is attempting to cool down.

And there we have it, our ultimate doggy sleep guide. All that remains is to find a cosy bed for every dog to call their own. Our Brooklyn beds, loved by over 100,000 pets, let your dog snooze in style, no matter their preference.

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